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The number one reason most people are terminated (by either themselves or the company) is because they were the wrong person hired for the job.  A thorough screening process can help reduce those numbers….  To learn more click here

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Are you looking to hire a new employee and considering doing it yourself?

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Have you considered how your practice could benefit from a NP or PA for ‘shared services’ and ‘incident to’ services?  Or have you considered a written agreement (per Medicare guidelines) with a Nurse Practitioner in a private practice?  The purpose of the survey below is to determine the effectiveness of the Non-Physician Practitioners (NPPs).  To complete our servey click here


Health Law Update


The federal anti-referral law, 42 U.S.C. 1395nn et seq. (also known as “Stark II”), specifically governs the delivery of certain designated health services (“DHS”) by physicians.  To learn more click here

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We were very fortunate that our very own Belen Leyva-Raigosa was working during the normal lunch hour in August.  Some of our employees will come to the office to pick up their paychecks.  That was the case for one of our employees.  She was in a hurry and came in the office.  Jean noticed she was very stressed and looked like she was having trouble breathing.  Jean was able to quickly figure out our employee had something lodged in her throat and got hold of Belen for help.  Belen performed the Heimlich Maneuver and was able to quickly dislodge a piece of candy that was stuck.

In talking with Belen after this incident, very humbly, she said, “it is just part of the job”.  Fortunately for our employee, if Belen wasn’t around, Jean was going to resort to trying to dislodge the object by beating her with her cane.  We are ALL very happy, Belen was ready and able!  Belen, thank you! You are something special.