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             Non-Physician Provider Survey




Have you considered how your practice could benefit from a NP or PA for ‘shared services’ and ‘incident to’ services?  Or have you considered a written agreement (per Medicare guidelines) with a Nurse Practitioner in a private practice? 


Almost eleven years of experience has kept CnDirect Source in tune with the needs and the changes in the physician practices. 


The purpose of the survey below is to determine the effectiveness of the Non-Physician Practitioners (NPPs), and this survey has been found to be an effective tool for periodic reviews of NPPs.  CnDirect Source uses this survey for follow-up of placements of NPPs, and welcomes suggestions and comments.


Text Box: SURVEY NPP (Non-Physician Provider)


Text Box: Patient load monthly increase percentage at 90 days of hire		          _____
Patient load monthly increase percentage at 180 days of hire		          _____
Patient appointment scheduling – decrease in days to be scheduled	            _____
Patient wait time at your office (decrease in minutes)			         _____
Has the NPP increased the patient load without increasing overhead?                   Y   N
Total billing percentage increase at 90 days				         _____
Total billing percentage increase at 180 days				         _____
Total revenue (collections) percentage increase 
                                                       at 90 days				          _____
                                                       at 180 days				          _____
NPP used for shared visits?						       Y    N
NPP used for ‘incident to’ services?					        Y    N
If using NPP for first time, has billing of services been a challenge?	             Y    N
Has your time, as a physician, been more productive?			           Y    N
Do you recommend the use of a NPP?					         Y    N

Text Box: COMMENTS: ________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________
Name:  _________________________________________________Date:  ________________

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