Text Box: What you need to know about FLSA — The FLSA is lengthy and often times misinterpreted.  This misinterpretation can become very costly.  Navigation through the FLSA maze is at times expensive and time consuming.
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Good Customer Service


Good customer service can make or break a business.   Repeat business is key to running a successful operation.  Treat your customer right, send them away happy, and they will return...referrals will follow.  To read more click here

Is it a Sales Pitch or is it Patient Care?


Let’s put ourselves in the patient’s shoes.  When they get to your office, are they made to feel welcome? Do your patients sit in your lobby for unreasonable amounts of time and then again in the examination room?  Do your patients need an accountant to determine if their bills are correct?

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Game Plan for Taming Turnover


The biggest challenge facing today’s employer is employee retention.  Once recruited and hired, retention is critical.  The cost of replacing employees is one to two times’ annual salary for highly educated and/or skilled employees.  No longer can employers have the attitude that “if an employee does not like it here, they can leave.”

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Tax Update for Professional Associations


As of May 1, 2006, what we thought we knew about the Franchise tax has changed. The Texas legislature has now replaced its current Franchise tax with a gross receipts tax referred to as a “margin”

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 From Erik E. Cutler, CPA, Goldin Peiser & Peiser L.L.P.

HRhealthcare  Corner

 From Alice Dendinger, SPHR

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Reprint from Staffing Industry Report, April 2008 and “2007 Staffing Buyers Survey” from Staffing Industry Analysts