Text Box: “Hourly or Salary...Are you doing it right?”  — The Fair Labor Standards Act has many exemptions. Some exemptions are extremely broad, as in the case of exemptions from the definition of "employee". Others are more narrow, such as various exemptions from overtime pay. Still other exemptions apply to two or more protections normally afforded by the FLSA. Read more here

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Diary of a Practice Manager: Part 2


The Rest of the Story the Second Week After Notice from a Nurse Who had been with Dr. Jones for 8 years - Two Doctor Pediatric Office in Dallas, Texas click here

What’s in a Resume?


A resume should be a snapshot of a candidate’s skills, abilities, and background.  A magnifying glass is not needed to read a resume, however, there can be many clues that a resume can contain.  To read more click here



Unwelcome Surprises


Early adopters say clinical information technology is often worth the price, but unanticipated costs lurk in every corner.To read more click here


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Workplace Wellness Programs


Workplace wellness programs are increasing everyday and a majority of worksites have at least some component of a program ranging from smoking cessation classes to a full-blown wellness program with an incentive component.

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 From Kimberly Thompson, RN, BSN –Medical City Dallas

HRhealthcare  Corner

 From Gary Baldwin

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CnStaffing would like to recognize these STARS who have worked their full schedule (40 hours) for 4 consecutive weeks! That is tough considering all the flu going around and recent bad weather!  It is STARS like these, who take their jobs seriously and are dedicated to our clients.  To see a list of our SUPERSTARS click here