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Equipment Leasing Solutions


Does Your Business Need New Equipment?

When your business needs new equipment to reach the next level, consider leasing. It can help improve cash flow without tying up capital. Why buy expensive equipment that may quickly become obsolete? A better alternative may be leasing, which may also provide potential tax advantages.


What Are The Benefits Of Equipment Leasing?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, leasing may be the right financing option for your business:


Does my business have a limited amount of cash?

Do I want to reserve my working capital for short-term operating needs?

Is the equipment likely to be obsolete in a few years?


Get Equipment Now

Monthly payments allow you to acquire and use your equipment immediately-potentially for a fraction of the cost of a purchase.

You can immediately improve productivity and efficiency, create more output, and generate more revenue.


Optimize Your Cash Flow

You can typically lease equipment with no cash outlay, thereby preserving capital for other business needs.

You can structure payments to parallel your cycles of cash flow, seasonal business, or reimbursement funding, as well as your projected utilization. Typical lease terms can range from 24 months to 60 months or more.

To further improve your cash flow, you may have the option to pay for only part of the leased equipment, with the leasing company retaining ownership of the rest.


Gain Tax Advantages

You may be able to deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense.

Tax laws may treat the expensing of leased equipment more favorably than the depreciation of owned equipment, especially in cases where depreciation schedules are capped or otherwise regulated.


Cover Associated Costs

You may be able to lease equipment with no out-of-pocket expenses, by including in your lease agreement such costs as shipping, software, installation, calibration and training. These costs can be apportioned equally over the term of the lease.


Aggregate Multiple Pieces Of Equipment Under One Lease

Especially useful in start-up operations, consolidate phone systems, computer equipment, office furniture and diagnostic equipment under one lease arrangement.

One monthly payment to write, one monthly invoice to process.



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