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"We Are Only As Good As Our People"

This quote has been a standard in the service industry for decades. 

Watson Wyatt Worldwide, developed the Human Capital Index to provide a standard for measuring a company's people practices. This Index shows a clear relationship between the effectiveness of a company's people practices and the creation of superior market value. Focusing on people does pay off.

Strong human resources practices have the potential to increase your company's productivity and profitability, but HR management has become a monumental and sometimes a completely ignored task, demanding considerable resources. Legal and regulatory compliance has become an overwhelming task, and time spent on administrative obligations is time spent away from growing your business. If you are part of the "ignore" crowd, the liability created in the long run could cost even more administrative time and attention as well as considerable dollars. Ask yourself, are you covering all the bases such as:


        Regulatory Compliance

        TWC Rules and Regulations




Most organizations feel they have a handle on the majority of these topics. However, the truth is, without an HR department working full time to stay abreast of the above mentioned items it is nearly impossible to have a handle on each item and it does not matter that you may only have 5 to 11 employees.

The headlines in a CCH INCORPORATED article read "Mt. Clemens General Hospital to Pay $900,000 in Overtime Back Wages to 2,000 Workers." The article further stated "Mt. Clemens General Hospital, Inc, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, has paid $907,247 in back wages to 2,083 employees resulting from violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Checks were mailed to employees on July 15, 2004."

The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) recovered more than $212 million in back wages in fiscal year (FY) 2003, a 21 percent increase over the record-setting amount recovered in FY 2002. Average days to resolve a complaint decreased in FY 2003 from 129 days to 108 days. WHD assessed employers nearly $10 million in civil money penalties in FY 2003. Not all of the companies involved were the size of Mt Clemens Hospital. You do not want to be a part of this group or any group with HR woes.

HRhealthcare will work with you and your staff to prevent HR issues and focus on a happy healthy work environment. HRhealthcare will provide you the resources of a full time professional HR Resources at the cost you can afford and allow you to stay focused on your business and patient care. To find out more call Chuck Novick @ 972-484-3922 or e-mail