The job interview is a critical part of the hiring process. It will help you to determine if a medical administrative candidate is a good fit for the job. It is crucial that you ask the appropriate questions and follow-ups, or you are wasting the candidate’s time as well as your own. It is essential that you know what skills, experience, and personality traits you are seeking in a candidate for a medical administrative position. Your choice of interview questions is vital to the process, so here are a few of the top questions to consider.

Skills and Experience

You must consider what skills you are seeking from a medical administrative candidate and ask questions to determine if the candidate possesses what you are seeking.

  • What special skills do you have that will help you thrive at our company?
  • Why do you consider yourself to be the right person for this position at this organization?
  • What are your most significant professional accomplishments and failures?
  • Can you describe your comfort level with various software programs?
  • Have you ever juggled multiple supervisors, and how did you handle it?

The Profession

You are seeking someone who understands what the job will entail and how to provide it. Look for genuine interest in the profession as well as your organization.

  • Tell us about what you enjoy the most about administrative work?
  • What do you feel is the most noteworthy project that involved you as an assistant?
  • Have you changed the medical administrative position at a past company, and if so, how did you go about making the change?
  • Are there any trends that you consider that will impact the profession in the future?

Corporate Culture

Hiring people who will fit into your work culture is essential. Clearly communicate what it will be like to work in your organization and try to ask the candidate questions that will help you determine if they will fit the environment.

  • How do you view our organization, and why do you want to work here?
  • Is there anything in particular about this administrative job that appeals to you?
  • Which type of office environment allows you to thrive?
  • How do you believe a medical administrative assistant can contribute to this company?
  • Why did you leave your last medical administrative assistant position?

Finding Candidates

Vetting qualified candidates can be a complicated process. CnStaffing can connect you with skilled medical administrative candidates that will meet your staffing needs. Let our team of healthcare recruiters find an excellent fit for your organization.

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