Look at a listing for a medical assistant job, and you are likely to find customer service skills listed high among the job requirements. This importance is no accident. Few skills are as vital to the success of a company than excellent customer service. For the sake of your organization, your medical assistants must have strong customer service skills.

Tips for Improving Your Customer Service Skills

Here are five ways to help your medical assistants develop customer service skills and, in turn, help your company grow.  

Seeing From the Client’s Point of View 

Dealing with other people can be a challenge, as anyone in a relationship can attest. Everyone sees the world differently. In healthcare, it is common for patients to demand solutions. Your team of medical assistants must remain calm and polite. Have your team of medical assistants consider the following: 

  • Rely on personal knowledge to treat all patients with respect 
  • Listen 
  • Consider the ways you interact with the public and try to make each contact a positive one 
  • Treat clients with courtesy 

These are the small things that help people see your company in a positive light. You can’t control how people view things, but you can demonstrate your best behavior. 

Be Available 

You must be available to your clients in any industry, and healthcare is no exception. Train your medical assistants to be flexible about their working hours. Some patients live far away or might have special needs that affect typical business hours. Have your team give patients contact information to keep them in the loop and always respond to queries and comments promptly. 

Put a Face on the Business 

Patients love to speak with real people as opposed to automated messages. Allow your medical assistant team to interact with patients. Let them reach out to the patients on social media. Studies indicate that people like faces because it makes them feel connected. 

Ask the Patient Their Opinion 

One cannot discount the opinion of a patient when it comes to their care. Not only is this courteous, but it will also give the team vital clues concerning their patient’s well-being. The more understanding you gain about your patients, the better care you will be able to provide.  

Hire the Right Medical Assistants 

An employee’s character and integrity shape their interactions with patients. Traits such as these are innate, so it is vital to hire caring, professional employees who will improve your customer service. Look for employees who are patient and kind and who want to take care of patients. 
Remember that every exchange with patients creates a ripple effect. So, hire the right people and make sure that the ripple is a positive one.  

Looking for a Medical Assistant to Join Your Team? 

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