It is no secret that the field of medical assisting is growing at a rapid pace. In the state of Texas, opportunities for qualified medical assistants (MAs) are widely available. Projections indicate that employment growth for MAs in Texas will increase by approximately 32 percent. The area around College Station is a particularly hot spot for the employment of MAs. Although formal training and medical assistant certification is not a requirement for an individual to work in the state of Texas, it will undoubtedly improve your employment prospects. If this career interests you, Texas has a variety of educational options.  


The official authority to delegate medical responsibilities in Texas is in the hands of physicians and nurse practitioners. According to Texas occupation code 157.001, tasks for medical assistants include any medical acts that a reasonable and prudent physician finds within the scope of medical judgment to delegate. A physician must ensure that a medical assistant safely performs patient care while remaining responsible for delegated medical tasks.  


In Texas, a certified medical assistant typically earns $16 – $18 per hour. Four independent Texas Health Resources salary reports indicate this figure. If you add in bonuses and additional compensation, a certified medical assistant in Texas can expect an average annual salary between $32,820 and $38,441 depending upon factors such as education, certifications, further skills, and the number of years in the profession.  

Career Outlook 

Employment for medical assistants will grow 23 percent from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase is much faster than the average for all occupations. The is a need for healthcare workers at all levels due to the advances in medical technology. The increased prevalence of diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, will also increase demand. The growth of the aging baby-boom generation population will increase the demand for preventative medical services that physicians provide. The result is physicians hiring more medical assistants to carry out routine administrative and clinical duties freeing up the doctor’s time.  

Helpful Links 

Here are valuable links with information regarding medical assistant certification in Texas: 

  • Texas Society of Medical Assistants. This site provides job openings, support networks, and resources for medical assistant professionals. 
  • Texas Children’s Hospital. This site provides listings of the major medical centers and facilities in Texas for those medical assistants interested in working with children. 

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