A great job description is not merely a laundry list type of checklist. The perfect job description is critical for attracting the right person to apply for your job opening. You want the job description to excite the applicant about the opportunity and your company. The job description is vital for any position. A job narrative that will attract top talent will perform a few main tasks: 

  • It will accurately describe the skills and competencies needed to perform the job. 
  • It should identify where the job fits in the larger picture. 
  • It will function as an employment contract. 
  • It serves as a performance management tool. 

Job Title 

The first part of a job description is the title. The title should reflect the nature of the job and the required duties. It should be generic enough to be compared to other similar positions in the industry, but it should not exaggerate the significance of the role. It should also be free of age or gender implications.  


A robust job description must contain a list of the duties and responsibilities associated with the job. Represent each task as a percentage. The descriptions of responsibilities should not exceed two or three sentences in length. The full list needs to be a short a possible and try to keep the list content less than 15 entries. 

Skills and Competencies 

Skills are activities that a candidate can perform due to their prior knowledge. A competency is a trait you expect the candidate to display while in the role for which they are applying. There is a current trend leaning toward competencies. As such, your job description should give extra weight to behavioral competencies such as leadership, teamwork, flexibility, communication, and initiative.  

Working Relationships 

Adding this section to your job description clarifies the responsibilities of the candidate for the position by showing them whom they report to and who reports to them. This description gives a job seeker insight into the hierarchical structure of your organization and where they fit in. Working relationships are also the people and departments that the person will work with closely, so give a good description of the size of the departments and the extent of the interaction. 


Do not assign a particular salary to the position. Try to work out a salary range that is competitive with similar positions in other organizations and leaves the door open for variations in education and work experience.  

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