Many factors may affect the salary of a medical assistant. Location is the most significant, and medical assistant’s wages may vary widely from state to state and from city to city. Factors such as the cost of providing healthcare, business taxes, state and local economic health, and metrics such as age and density tie in with the location of employment. 

Other factors to consider when you consider the salary of a medical assistant or a certified medical assistant include your level of training, job experience, and the presence or lack of certification. Additionally, the introduction of pay-for-performance reimbursement can also impact a hospital’s ability to pay medical assistants.  

Medical Assistant Salary 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a medical assistant is $35,601, with the hourly wage being $14.69. The range falls between $32,820 and $38,441, depending on several factors. As previously mentioned, location, level of training, and experience all affect salary. Your salary will also depend on the specific job description. What about the compensation difference between a certified medical assistant and a non-certified medical assistant, you may ask? A non-CMA certified medical assistant earns $14.29 per hour and a CMA certified medical assistant makes $15.35 per hour.  

Ways to Increase Your Medical Assistant Salary 

There are several ways to increase your salary as a medical assistant. The majority of these ways include making yourself more valuable to your employer. By increasing your value, you open the door to ask for a higher wage or seek a higher paying position. Here are a few options to consider: 

Relocate to a higher-paying area. Moving to another city is the easiest route to better pay as a location has the most impact on a medical assistant’s salary. The Pacific region of the United States reports the highest average earnings for medical assistants with an average salary of $33,322 per year for certified professionals. 

Education. Medical assistants with formal training receive preference by employers. Obtaining further training can allow you to seek out higher-paying employment opportunities. Training in a specialty is a popular way to increase your value as a medical assistant. 

Certification. A certification from one of the certifying organizations will increase your value and allow you to seek more pay. 

Experience. Gaining experience in a specialty area such as phlebotomy, radiology, or other areas can allow you to take more responsibility and increase your salary. 

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