As a healthcare professional, you no doubt care for patients whose native languages are different from English. Language barriers often pose a tremendous challenge for healthcare employees trying to provide care to patients who do not speak English. With the U.S. continually becoming more diverse, the ability of healthcare workers to speak multiple languages has never been more critical. Not only is the ability to speak various languages helpful in your current role, but this skill can also boost your resume too. A second language can expand your opportunities and give you access to a broader variety of jobs that are in high demand.  

The Demand for Bilingual Nurses 

Language skills are a tremendous asset to a resume in any industry, and this is especially the case for healthcare. The ability to speak other dialects makes you a formidable candidate for nursing jobs, clinical and non-clinical healthcare positions. The need is so high in fact that you can probably choose the region, area, or city in which you want to work. You may even receive higher pay due to your language skills.  

Language skills benefit healthcare organizations too. Maintaining a bilingual staff is cost-effective for healthcare facilities. It is more cost-efficient than using a translation service, and it allows your hospital to appeal to a larger population. As an employee, you can make more money with your language skills, and your employer saves money on translation services. The demand is not limited to nurses either. Therapists, medical assistants, and other staff members can provide better care to patients to whom they share a language.  

Better Healthcare 

The advantage of being bilingual in healthcare is not limited to verbal communication with patients. A bilingual healthcare employee can provide patients culturally appropriate care. Bilingual healthcare employees can build trust and understanding with patients via their knowledge of the patient’s culture, which extends beyond communication. This knowledge enables healthcare facilities to provide better care to the rising diverse population. 

The Most Needed Languages in Healthcare 

Spanish is, without question, the most in-demand language in healthcare in the United States. There are 41 million people in the U.S. for whom Spanish is their native language. So, if you are among the 11 million Americans who speak both English and Spanish, you have an edge in healthcare. It allows you to solve patient problems that your co-workers may not understand. If you are a native speaker, you can communicate seamlessly while putting your patients at ease in a strange environment. Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, and American sign language are also in high demand.  

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