The recruitment process is for finding and hiring new employees. It is more involved than people may think, and it is a complex process. Here is a sampling of a typical recruitment process. 


When you know the type of employee you are seeking in terms of hard and soft skills, it is now time to create a plan to find what you need. Please be sure that all stakeholders agree to the plan before you proceed. 


There is more to this stage than you may think. Top employees are not just going to show up at your door. Searching is the moment in the process where a recruiter comes in, and they are skilled at what they do. It is difficult to match the skills and connections that recruiters maintain. They do this work daily with experience in searching for employees.  


Finding a prospective candidate is not enough. The candidate must be qualified and talented. Top-level job candidates are difficult to search for, find, and identify. Make sure you have taken the time to plan your search and precisely know what type of employee you are seeking before starting this identification process.  


Now that candidates are in your sights, it is time to recruit them. Please be aware that job candidates not only want a new job; they also desire the job to be with a great company. You must sell the company to them. They might like the job, but if the company does not satisfy them, they will refuse the offer.  


At this stage, there is a group of potential candidates who are interested in the position. However, not all of them will get through the process. The telephone screening works to make your list of candidates smaller. These screening calls allow you to move forward in the process with fewer candidates. 


It is vital that you do not stretch out the interviewing process, or candidates will eventually lose interest. Communicate with candidates to let them know where they are in the process and what they can expect next. Keep them informed or they will look elsewhere. 

Offering and Hiring 

Do not assume that a candidate will accept the offer. However, if you have taken the time to plan and take care of all the necessary details, there is a high probability that the candidate will accept your offer for employment. Once the candidate accepts the offer, you can make the official hire. 

Need to Recruit New Employees? 

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