If you are a new medical assistant, you are undoubtedly excited about your first job. Where will the position be located? Will you specialize in something like pediatrics, women’s health, or family medicine? You want to make a good impression and put all of your new skills to work. Here are a few points to remember that can help you succeed as a new medical assistant.

Know Your Provider

The more time you spend with your brand-new provider, you will develop knowledge regarding how the provider practices. You will create a sense of how the provider prefers to schedule patients and learn how they like the office to run. The more you know about the personal preferences of your new employer, the better the clinic will operate efficiently.

Be a Team Player

Healthcare is an unpredictable industry. As such, you might find yourself busy on some days, and having plenty of time to spare on other days. It is during these slower times that you should consider helping out your busy co-workers. This effort to help others demonstrates that you are a team player who wants what is best for the medical practice and the patients.

Arrive on Time and be Organized

The worst thing you can do is arrive late at your new job! Consider arriving about 10 minutes early each day. Early arrival gives you time to put away your items and get everything prepared for the coming day. These tasks may include setting up exam rooms, re-stocking supplies, or organizing patient charts. Consider developing a systematic way of organizing multiple patients, phone calls, and pathology. Organization and time management are critical skills for a medical assistant.

Be Attentive

Staying one step ahead of the provider is a tremendous skill to have as a medical assistant. You help your clinic when you know what your provider may need or what the patient might need ahead of the provider visit. Always be an active listener, especially when gathering information from doctors and patients. Try not to let your thoughts wander and find yourself becoming inattentive.

Never Stop Learning

Healthcare is continually evolving. The medical assisting profession is continuously changing too. You will find that keeping up with new medical technology, new pharmaceuticals, new treatments, and the latest medical developments to be a substantial challenge. You must stay up to date with your continuing education requirements throughout your career. Read online blogs about medical assisting and consider subscribing to journals. The more knowledge you possess of your profession, the more valuable you will be as a medical assistant.

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