Hiring a professional staffing agency can help your company in numerous ways. Saving money is at the top of that list. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average cost of a new hire, including salary, training, and benefits is over $57,000. You mustn’t misuse your money and your time hiring the wrong type of employee. Here is how a medical staffing agency can save you money and provide you with an outstanding employee.

Hiring Costs

Finding the right employee can cost you money and valuable time. There are advertising and marketing costs, pre-screening and testing costs, and the time it requires to screen resumes and conduct interviews. Worse still, if you hire the wrong person, you will have to repeat this process until you find the right employee if you ever do find them. A medical staffing agency can take care of this legwork for you saving you time and money.

Employee Turnover Costs

The departure of an employee can cost you a large percentage of the employee’s compensation, which includes pay and benefits. Many employees leave jobs due to compensation and unmet job expectations. Staffing agencies stay current on competitive salaries and benefits, which helps you become a stronger competitor. A medical staffing agency will know from the outset what your expectations are and provide an employee accordingly. You will know if your new employee is a good fit before the costs of employment begins to rise.

Overtime Reduction

If you cannot adjust as a response to fluctuating output, you will force overtime on your employees. The answer is a staffing agency. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees who can take on the extra work without adding the cost of full-time benefits. You hire workers when you need them.

Reduce Training Time

A medical staffing agency will find the best employees for you and prepare them for the process. You will get qualified, ready to work job candidates. Furthermore, many staffing agencies provide resources and training for temporary employees to improve their skills without taking away from your bottom line. Keep an eye on the training as it will help you stay on track with your temporary employees.

Eliminate Benefit Costs

All of your employees represent a salary, benefits, and other overhead that you must cover. Several of these benefits, such as life insurance, retirement, and vacation, are a means of competing for top employees. The costs quickly add up. With a staffing agency, these costs are not your concern unless you decide to hire the employee permanently. Staffing agencies provide benefits such as health, vision, and dental without you having to cover the cost. A staffing agency will save you substantial amounts of money on those employees that turnover quickly.

If you are ready to save cash on your next hire, check out CnStaffing. CnStaffing is a medical staffing agency that can save you money and time while providing you with a candidate that is trained and ready to work.

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