A skilled coder is in high demand, so it can be challenging to recruit and keep the best coding candidates. The job market is excellent for coders right now, and that makes the competition for their services fierce. It is crucial to provide a competitive employment offer. Here is help in finding the right coder and keeping them.

Your Coding Needs

Define your coding candidate’s responsibilities. Once you and other members of your staff define the tasks of the coder, develop a comprehensive job description. You may find a coder with experience in your particular specialty. Make sure the job description sets out clear expectations that will help in screening resumes.

The Ideal Candidate

When screening for the best candidates, keep in mind what qualifications and experience a coder must possess to be successful in your organization. Many employers prefer to hire only coders who have a certification in coding. At the same time, do not neglect a candidate who has a certification not specific to your specialty. They might have successfully coded at other specialties and have no problem learning a new one.

A Captivating Advertisement

Construct an advertisement that includes vital information about the position while demonstrating why a candidate should desire to work at your practice. The field is too competitive for a simple job description. You must convey your practice’s history, mission, and personality. Avoid large blocks of text and obscure language. Bullet points, short phrases, and precise language will get your message across clearly.

Ask the Right Questions

Schedule interviews to determine if candidates have the coding understanding as well as the soft skills to be successful in your organization. If you have a large candidate pool, use telephone interviews. Open-ended questions work well as they encourage applicants to discuss their skills and interests. Create questions that can help you ascertain the candidate’s background and level of interest in your position.

Conduct a Test

Administer a coding test. There is no better means to gauge the candidate’s actual ability than a real-life scenario. This exercise should focus on the type of coding cases that you see most frequently in your practice. You will get an understanding of the skill level of the candidate as well as what additional training might be required if you choose to hire the candidate.

Competitive Compensation

Set your coding salary in line with other practices. The AAPC salary survey calculator is an excellent tool for determining if your salary is competing with others. If your practice can’t afford a competitive salary, make up for the difference with benefits, vacation days, and flexible work schedules.

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