As a medical assistant, you will be directly interacting with patients and their families, so it is essential that you always look professional. Remember that a job interview is much more than just a review of your accomplishments and work history. The interviewer will be listening to your responses, checking your promptness, and looking at how you dress.  

Dress Slightly Above 

An excellent guideline for any job interview is to find out what the dress code for the position you are applying for is, and then dress slightly above it. You do not want to show up overdressed, but you do want to present yourself with confidence wearing non-assuming, professional attire. Dressing slightly above the employer’s dress code makes you stand out as a candidate professionally.  


Formal business attire is always essential for women attending a job interview. Although you may wear scrubs during your work as a medical assistant, for the interview, you must look polished and professional. Think conservative when putting together your job interview outfit. A black or dark suit is ideal. A skirt suit or pantsuit is excellent if the skirt falls to or below the knee. Blouses, blazers and suit jackets are appropriate on top. Wear minimal makeup, professionally style your hair, and limit the amount of jewelry you wear to the job interview. Your goal is to appear as a professional with nothing distracting the interviewer from your excellent interviewing etiquette.  


As you prepare for your medical assisting job interview, it is best to stay on the conservative side. You need to wear a business suit to the interview. Aim for a dark color like deep blue, gray, or black, and wear a tie that is not too flashy. Your shoes need to be polished and match the suit you are wearing. Wearing scrubs as a medical assistant is fine, but do not wear scrubs to the interview. Remember that it is continually better to be overdressed than underdressed. Carry your resume and cover letters in a portfolio or briefcase. Keep your suit jacket buttoned while standing and unbutton it when you sit down.  

Extra Touches 

Dry cleaning or ironing your attire is a must for your job interview. Showing up for your interview in clothing that is dirty or wrinkled gives the interviewer the impression that you are careless about your appearance and perhaps other things as well. Ensure that your shoes have no scuff marks and are not showing signs of wear. Keep your hair clean and neatly tied or combed back. Men must shave and appear neat and professional. Women should avoid flashy lipstick or makeup and focus on a clean appearance. Got tattoos? Try to wear clothing that will cover the tattoos during this initial meeting. Remove piercings that might present a negative image. The job interview is your first impression, so make sure you convey the appearance of a serious, hardworking professional who understands the professional world. 

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