For healthcare workers, time is a precious commodity. When treating patients without compromising the quality of patient care, it is essential to manage time effectively, because we can never get time back. The consequences of poor time management for healthcare employees often results in patients kept waiting, stressed employees, a less enjoyable work atmosphere, and a loss of time for family, exercise, and sleep.

Effective time management can benefit healthcare employees in numerous ways, including: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Better patient care 
  • More time to listen to patients 
  • Career advancement 
  • Stress reduction 

Healthcare is placing a heavy burden on healthcare workers’ time with increased documentation, changing regulation requirements, and new patients coming into the U.S. healthcare system. So, how can you help your healthcare team to manage their time better? Here are a few helpful tips. 

Prioritize Tasks 

Drinking coffee, checking Facebook, visiting co-workers, and gossiping at the water cooler upon arrival at work is wasted time. Educate your team that it is more efficient to take care of business early rather than procrastinating until there is pressure to get things done. Advise your healthcare staff to write out specific tasks that they need to complete each day and the time frame they need to complete the tasks within. Have them check their lists often and adjust as needed.  

Establish Goals 

Goal setting is a useful habit for getting things done. When helping your staff with time management skills, have them set goals for one day. Encourage them to prioritize tasks, check them off, and finish the most important tasks first. Next, try setting goals for 30, 60, even 90 days. Discuss the targets with your staff and schedule time each week to review and adjust the goals.  

Use Technology 

Technology is streamlining healthcare with tools to optimize practice management and organize health records. When your healthcare organization is online and organized, it will save you and your team valuable time. Mobile app technology allows your patients to review their records, make appointments, and communicate with staff saving even more time. You and your team will have additional time for patient care instead of handling paperwork and phone calls.  

Avoid Procrastination 

Do not put it off. Avoiding procrastination is essential for time management. Keep your crew on schedule by performing tasks in an orderly fashion. Putting these tasks off will lead to a build-up of responsibilities and possible failure to accomplish them. Encourage employees to hold themselves accountable and not let procrastination manage their workday.  


If you or your team members are overwhelmed, ask for help! If there is no way that you can accomplish a task, do not be afraid to delegate it to others who have time to help. As you manage your healthcare team, find out who has spare time on their hands, and delegate tasks accordingly. Remain conscious of their time, and do not pressure employees into helping if they are overwhelmed themselves.  

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