If a recruiter is calling you, pick up the phone. Recruiters have access to employment opportunities that you lack, so let them use their knowledge and experience to make your job search easier. If a recruiter calls you, there is an excellent chance that they are calling to offer you a better opportunity for consideration. You are not required to accept the offer; it is just that, an offer. What they are doing is saving you considerable time and effort in your job search. They are working with you by using their experience and resources to find a suitable position that fits your skills and experience.

When the recruiter calls, they are working for you, so pick up the phone.  

Be Respectful and Listen 

When a recruiter calls you, it is a great event because it indicates that the recruiter is considering you for a position for which you are an ideal candidate. Be respectful and take the time to hear what the recruiter has to say to you politely. You are just listening and are not committing yourself to anything. Do not blurt out a quick no before you hear about the opportunity. It might surprise you to know of the number of people who advance in their careers because they take the time to listen to what a recruiter has to say.  

What if I am Not Interested? 

You might not be the least bit interested in what a recruiter has to say, and that is fine. However, do make a point to let the recruiter know that you are interested in future opportunities and to keep you on their radar. Recruiters are professionals who know better than anyone where the jobs are, so the chances are excellent that they can find a position for you.  

Refer a Friend 

Perhaps you may know someone who might have an interest in the job offer. If it is okay, pass the person’s information on to the recruiter. This simple gesture will possibly help your friend land a job as well as build goodwill between you and the recruiter. The recruiter will be more likely to remember you when future opportunities arise.  

Great Reasons to Answer the Phone When a Recruiter Calls 

A job search is a frustrating process. So, when a recruiter calls you, answer the phone! Remember that they are working hard to support your job search and position you for success. Here are a few more reasons to take a recruiter’s call: 

  • Access to more job opportunities 
  • Save time and effort 
  • They put a spotlight on your unique skills 
  • They have the inside track 
  • A recruiter handles the details 
  • Their influence with companies is heavy 

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