Surveying your employees right now during the COVID-19 crisis is vital. It will help your business thrive through the coming, unpredictable days ahead. The survey will not only show your employees that you care and are listening, but it will also help to build trust. A survey is essential for traversing unknown territory. 

The Survey 

Your employees must understand that their responses are confidential. They may have fears that their responses may paint them in an ungrateful light, especially when so many are without work. By making it clear that your employees’ responses will be confidential, you will encourage your employees to give feedback that is open and honest. This method can help your employees feel more comfortable giving answers than they might if they were face to face.  

Make sure that your questions, especially those concerning the home life of employees, are given in context. Your team must understand what you will do with their feedback. If you send a survey and do not act on the results, then the survey is pointless. Your employees will be encouraged to share with you again if they realize you are listening to their opinions.  

Please understand that this survey you are sending during the crisis will not be like the one you send during regular times. You must take the current situation into account. Try to keep the survey brief while understanding that there are limitations to your communications. Be sure to offer your employees alternative ways to provide their feedback like going through their supervisors or the HR department.  

Questions During a Crisis 

What do you think are the most beneficial things for your company to learn to support your employees during the current crisis? Asking yourself this question will help you develop further questions to ask your employees. Asking a few openended questions is fine, but keep in mind that your employees probably do not want to write too much. Try to include some quantitative statements as well to gauge signs of improvement or decline.  

To help leadership under crisis, include questions about management. Ask if management involves people in the decisions that affect their jobs. Does management keep employees informed about pressing issues? Ask your employees, do you feel safe speaking up, and do you feel like leadership shows a sincere interest in your welfare as a person? 

Trust index survey statements can help you assess company culture. These types of questions may ask the employee if they feel supported to care for their responsibilities at home or if they feel financially stable for the coming months.  

Following Up  

Once the survey is complete and the responses receive a review, you will need to communicate the results, including what actions you will take in response to your employees’ feedback. These actions will demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ well-being while building trust with them.  

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