You may be among the 30 million workers making unemployment claims. Soon, you will have to choose between returning to work or staying home to stay safe. Staying home may seem like a clear choice now, but here are some considerations for returning now.  

Your Unemployment Benefits May Disappear 

A requirement for filing for unemployment benefits is that you must continue to look for a job and accept employment when available. Not doing this may cost you unemployment benefits. Although the CARES Act has a clause that will allow you to turn down a job for a coronavirus-related reason such as illness or the care of an ill family member, it will not permit turning down a job due to concerns over going back to work. You can collect unemployment if the job offer is not considered suitable employment, such as the physical requirements being too demanding, or the wage being too low compared to your previous work wages. 

Expanded Unemployment Benefits Are Not Indefinite 

Expanded unemployment benefits are valid for up to four months. The idea is to provide a living wage to millions of Americans during the COVID-19 crisis. The benefits will eventually run out, leaving you with only state unemployment benefits. Yes, you will still have benefits, but the amount may not be adequate. The result may be an increase in your motivation to return to work. Complicating matters is the fact that the labor market will be tight in the coming months.  

An Opportunity May Not Come Around Again 

Can you accept a job right now? If you can, it is probably a great idea to take it. The projections for employment are not good, so taking a job is better than no job. Worse still, many jobs considered safe will face unemployment meaning skilled workers from a variety of industries will be job hunting. If you have the chance for gainful employment, take it now.  

Loss of Employer-Sponsored Benefits 

If you receive an offer to return to your old position, it might be in your best interest to go back. You may be a furloughed employee with access to health care and other benefits. However, these benefits will end if you choose not to return. If you lose your job, COBRA benefits will be available. COBRA benefits are expensive, and your employer will no longer cover any portion of the premiums-leaving you responsible for the full amount.  

Working Gives You Control Over Your Life 

Working gives you a sense of control over your life. Working gives us feelings of pride, accomplishment and the impact on society that is crucial for us. By going back to work now, you can keep your skills up to date, expand your professional network, and keep your resume current. Staying relevant will help you find another potentially higher-paying job in the future when opportunities improve.  

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