As your team of medical assistants gain experience and develop their proficiency in skills, consider helping them advance their careers. Your medical assistants may desire to seek a management position, practice in another specialty or perhaps even teach. No matter their specific goals, take it upon yourself to help your medical assistants maximize their career opportunities. 

Advancement Opportunities 

An excellent way to help your medical assistants further their career prospects is by exploring advancement opportunities for medical assistants. You may even have some of these opportunities within your organization.

Roles that a medical assistant can develop into include:

  • Clinical team leader 
  • Lead medical assistant 
  • Medical office manager 
  • Clinical office manager 
  • Medical assistant instructor 
  • Medical records manager 
  • Health care administration 
  • Transcription supervisor 

Medical Assisting Career Specialties 

Health care is multidimensional, and the list of medical specialties and sub-specialties within it are practically limitless. Medical assistants can work in a variety of specialties. Regardless of the type of work your team engages in, be it medical administration or clinical practice, specialization is a prudent choice to recommend to your medical assistants. Although specializing may require your medical assistants to obtain more knowledge and skills, it offers the chance for better pay and more extensive responsibilities.  

Start a Business 

If you want to generate some excitement among your medical assistants, encourage them to become entrepreneurs! Home health aides do not need certification as nurses or even medical assistants in most states. However, possessing medical assistant training and experience certainly gives your medical assistants an edge against the competition. You can encourage your medical assistants to consider starting their business and hiring other medical assistants to work with them to provide care and assistance to homebound, disabled, or older adults who need extra help each day.  


Teaching offers job satisfaction that few professions can match. It is a tremendous experience to help others learn and reach their personal and career goals. A great career path for a medical assistant is to gain experience in the field and then return to school to instruct future medical assistants. Inform your team that schools need certified medical assistants to teach medical assisting classes because they possess real-world knowledge that they can share. Remind them of the flexibility that this career path offers. Medical assistants can become full-time instructors or choose to instruct part-time while keeping their position as a working medical assistant.  


It is no secret that nursing is an in-demand profession. Few careers match nursing for salary and job security, not to mention the opportunity to help others. Advise the medical assistants who work with you to advance their careers in nursing by fulfilling an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. An extra perk is that many schools will give medical assistants credit for previous coursework and professional healthcare experience! 

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