As a nursing employer, you might find yourself sitting with a stack of resumes on your desk that highlight candidates with the same general experience and technical skills. It is frustrating to find candidates who stand out among the competition. However, there are skills that separate top nursing candidates from the rest of the stack, and here is a sampling of them.  

Look for These Skills in Your Next Nursing Candidate:


A nurse must professionally approach their work. All their work, from taking care of patients to administering medications and maintaining patient records, requires a skilled and ethical approach. Professionalism is the ability to put aside assumptions and generalizations and look past ages, genders, races, communities and socioeconomic backgrounds. A nurse must view each patient as an individual who deserves respect and dignity.  


Communication is a critical skill for any job and nursing is no exception. A nurse must possess exceptional listening and speaking skills. A nurse’s work hinges on these crucial job skills—problem-solving demands effective communication with patients and their families. The best nurses can anticipate their patients’ needs. 

Problem-Solving Ability 

Nurses must be able to solve problems, and often in a quick manner. The best nurses anticipate and address issues even before they arise. A nurse must provide solutions for patient problems and be able to share this knowledge with physicians and other health care team members.  

Detail Oriented 

Exceptional patient care demands attention to the details. Nurses understand better than anyone that a mistake can have catastrophic consequences. Nurses can take nothing for granted, and attention to detail is a trait that can mean the difference between life and death. 


Long hours, lifting heavy equipment, physically supporting patients, and standing for long periods are typical days for a nurse. When you interview a nurse, it is essential to find an energetic candidate to make it through a shift, no matter the circumstances. 


The typical patient endures pain and suffering. Your best nursing candidate is the one who has empathy and can provide comfort compassionately. It is nurses who offer the human touch and kindhearted attitude in a formal hospital atmosphere.  

Interpersonal Skills 

Nurses serve as a link between physicians and patients. Nurses must work well with other nurses and staff members too. Because of this interaction, a nurse must possess practical interpersonal skills. The best nurses are the ones who can strike an optimal balance between the needs of the doctors and the needs of the patients. 

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