A pediatric registered nurse is a nurse who focuses on the medical needs and treatment of infants, children and adolescents. These nurses have specialized training that allows them to provide young patients and their families with medical care and emotional support. These medical professionals assist pediatricians by assessing patient needs and delivering patient care. Job opportunities for pediatric nurses will increase much faster than the national average through 2028. The typical salary for a pediatric nurse ranges between $40,000 to $83,000 per year.  

Education and Licensing Requirements 

If you wish to become a pediatric nurse, there are three nursing educational options, including a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or a diploma program. These educational requirements generally take 2-4 years to complete. General graduation requirements include classes in anatomy, biology, chemistry and nursing theory. Clinical work specializing in pediatric care is also required.  

Each registered nurse must pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) to receive a license to practice. Your specific state may have different additional requirements, so be sure to check with your state nursing boards for information 

The Certified Pediatric Nurse credential, offered by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, is not required, but it can certainly benefit you by allowing you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and professional dedication to employers. This certification can also result in advancement and higher wages for those who possess it. To become a certification candidate, you must have a current nursing license and 1800 hours of work in a pediatric clinic. 

Job Duties 

The pediatric nurse’s responsibilities include educating patients and caregivers about effective ways of protecting a child’s health and providing general care. A pediatric nurse’s responsibilities may vary according to the setting, but tasks generally include the following:

  • Provides age and culturally suitable care to patients 
  • Consults with other health care team members to plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans 
  • Ensures patient comfort during exams and procedures 
  • Measures patient’s vital signs and initiates corrective action when needed 
  • Performs physical, medical and diagnostic tests 
  • Collects samples of urine and stools for laboratory testing 
  • Prepares and administers prescribed medications 
  • Reports adverse reactions to drugs and treatments 
  • Assists physicians during examinations, treatment and procedures 
  • Records care information in the appropriate format on the appropriate forms 

Position Requirements 

A pediatric nurse must be a graduate of an accredited nursing program. They must hold a current nursing license and be in good standing with the state licensing board. A year of med/surge experience and the skills required for the position are undoubtedly positive. The ability to lift 20 pounds or move, lift and transfer up to 50 pounds is needed, as is good visual understanding and the ability to stand for extended periods. 

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