Filling medical positions is a challenge and filling hard-to-fill health care jobs can be next to impossible. Many considerations add to this difficulty, including a lack of new graduates from health care training programs, a shortage of workers with the necessary skills and industry growth.

There are a few things you can do to help your health care organization fill those hard-to-fill medical positions. 

Maintain a Social Media Presence 

Social media is an effective vehicle for conveying your company culture to potential staff recruits by branding your social media channels, posting photos and hosting videos. Job seekers can participate in discussions, ask questions and leave comments. Social media gives recruits the chance to get an idea of what your health care organization is like before applying for a job. Encouraging potential recruits to know your company before accepting a position ensures that they are the right fit for the job.  

Create accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and develop YouTube videos and blog posts to recruit and network with candidates. Encourage all your staff members to use social media to find candidates. Keep an eye on which networks give you the most traction and optimize your efforts on that channel. Using social media can help you reach passive candidates, supplement your employee referral program, learn more about potential candidates, and lower your recruitment costs.  

School Recruiting 

It is crucial that you develop and sustain strong relationships with universities and colleges with programs in health care. It allows you to find potential employees with the right skill sets all in one place. It gives new grads the chance to immediately begin working in their field of study while gaining valuable work experience. Your organization gets a new team member whom you can mold into your company’s culture.  

Referrals From Employees 

Word-of-mouth is an extremely efficient way to attract new talent. Always encourage your employees to refer candidates that are an excellent fit for your facility. Your employees are your organization’s biggest influencers. The referrals from your employees tend to be higher quality employees who close quicker and tend to stay around your organization longer.  

Revise Job Descriptions 

It is vital that you use attractive language that promotes the benefits of working for your organization. Do not merely reel off a list of things that a candidate must have to apply to your company. You must include the particulars of the job but be sure to include the perks and benefits as well. Read your job description and ask yourself questions. Would I want to work here? Is this job description inviting to target candidates?  

Contact a Professional 

Partnering with a professional staffing agency like CnStaffing is an excellent way to staff health care positions. The health care recruiters at CnStaffing work hard to find quality candidates for you. CnStaffing can screen and do skills assessments for you to ensure that every candidate is a good fit for your hiring needs.  

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