Finding and hiring the best job candidates is a challenging process. Sure, you have probably looked at automizing the process or considered using other methods to make the hiring of employees more comfortable. Have you ever believed that you might be part of the problem? You might be unintentionally scaring off promising employees with a flawed hiring process. Before you give another candidate a wrong first impression, consider these tips on improving your hiring process.  

A Confusing Application Process 

As you seek top candidates for your company, you want to make the best impression possible. This impression starts with a clear and easy-to-understand description of the job. The attention spans of people online are short, so avoid lengthy job descriptions in favor of a concise posting. Use a few sentences to describe the job and include bullet points that highlight your minimum requirements. Also mention the perks of working for your company. Proofread the posting to fix typos and other grammatical errors that can give the wrong impression.  

Explain how to apply and give details regarding what application materials you want from a candidate, including application, resume, and references. If the application is online, include a link, and do not forget an email address for candidates to send a resume.  

A Difficult Application Process 

A challenging application process can easily scare a promising job candidate away. Consider what a candidate must do to make it through your hiring process. This procedure begins with the job application. Determine what information you need to decide if a candidate is a good fit and base the job application on that information. You might want to consider a short pre-application with only the necessary information and then get more detailed information from those candidates that you call in for an interview.  

Failure to Keep in Touch 

Staying in touch with applicants is essential. If you promise a contender that you will call by a specific day, keep the commitment. Whether you have any new information to share, it gives the job candidate peace of mind knowing that you have not forgotten about them. These people are waiting to find out about the future of their careers and whether they should be looking elsewhere. If you neglect to let them know what is going on, you might lose a dream job candidate in the process.  

Being Mysterious 

Avoid being secretive about your company. When hiring, try to be as detailed as possible, even if there are things you are not at liberty to release. If your company is public and maintains an online presence, it will be easy for a candidate to research. So, give them everything they need to investigate your company. Providing this information can reassure candidates that they like what they are applying for while encouraging others to begin searching elsewhere.  

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