The patient experience is the interactions that patients have with the health care system. It includes their care from health plans, doctors, nurses and staff in hospitals, physician offices and other health care facilities. The patient experience is a component of health care quality and includes characteristics of health care delivery that patients value when they seek and receive care. It is the opportunity to get timely appointments, access to information, and communication with health care providers.  

Understanding the patient care experience is vital for all health care team members and nurses are no exception.

Here are a few ways that nurses can improve the patient care experience to enhance health care delivery. 

Provide Patients With Comprehensive Information 

Patients and their family members want to understand the details concerning their care, and it does not matter if it is regarding a superficial infection or a life-saving surgery, they want information. Nursing staff members always need to be available to provide information to their patients. The delivery approach will vary depending on the wishes of the patient. Some prefer a one-on-one conversation, while others may benefit from receiving written materials. Nurses need to have various educational materials on hand to give to patients, including videos and literature such as brochures or website links.  

Display Empathy 

Patients experience greater satisfaction when they feel like someone is listening to them. A nurse who displays empathy toward their patients will improve the patient experience for patients who think the nurse is going the extra mile. For patients who believe there are lapses in their care, this is particularly crucial. Nurse managers must educate their staff on proper communication techniques as well as conflict resolution strategies. Patient satisfaction scores will improve as nurses display empathy and understanding toward patients.  

Empower Patients With Self-Care 

Although nurses often provide total care for their patients, empowering patients toward self-care is the ultimate goal. A nurse can assist a patient in attaining self-care using open-ended questions, motivational interviewing and individualized care-planning to design plans that are specific to each patient. When a patient leaves a hospital, their food choices, medication administration, and other health care activities are their responsibility. It is up to nurses and other health care team members to empower patients to participate in their self-care choices.  

Advance Your Education 

Life-long learning can help you improve patient care. It does not matter if this means pursuing an advanced nursing degree or taking a continuing education class. Additionally, it is vital to stay on top of the latest research and developments in nursing and advancing your education can lead to higher-paying nursing opportunities.  

Improving the patient experience is vital for providing excellent health care. If you would like to improve your work experience as a nurse, check out the opportunities available at CnStaffing. The professional recruiters at CnStaffing work tirelessly to help health care professionals find jobs. Let them help you.  

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