It is an ideal moment to show your gratitude to your nurses and health care staff members with the holidays approaching. You have many options for letting your employees know you appreciate them, from simple notes of appreciation to a full celebration at a fine restaurant. If you give it a little thought, you will find that the ideas are endless. Here are three ways to let your nurses and health care staff know that you appreciate and value their service to your organization.  

Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Nurses and Health Care Staff

Celebrate Different Holiday Traditions 

There is no better moment than the holidays to celebrate your nurses and health care staff’s uniqueness and diversity. Try to embrace the holiday traditions of different religions, cultures and ethnicities this season. Encourage your team members to share some of their cultural and ethnic holiday traditions, food and celebrations. A holiday get-together is a perfect way to appreciate your team’s diversity while enjoying the holiday season together.  

Host a Holiday Event 

It is the holiday season, and now is a great time for you to host an event for your team. It can be anything from a staff breakfast or lunch to sending employees out to the moviesHoliday events are great for morale and team building. Hosting a staff party will help develop culture and boost engagement as it gives your employees the chance to get out of the workplace and hang out with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Hosting a holiday party this holiday season will help you create solid relationships among your staff, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention. The advancement of these relationships will improve patient care too.  

Put some thought into planning an event and look for places that can encourage fun and promote conversation, such as bowling, painting, a comedy club, or games for the entire group. If alcohol is on the menu, be prepared to arrange for taxi rides home. Inviting your team and their significant others to your residence for a holiday meal is a great idea for a small staff. 

Cash Bonuses 

Your employees’ connection to your workplace directly affects their job performance. Showing your team that you appreciate them adds strength to this bond. Everyone enjoys receiving cash. If you choose to reward your nurses and health care staff with bonuses this year, be sure to use caution when picking your amount carefully and fairly—review seniority and performance before making your distribution. Remember that the cash amount you give this year will set an expected standard for years to come. Although your nurses and health care staff will welcome money for the holidays, there are other, simpler, and less costly ways to show your gratefulness and promote staff engagement.  

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