As 2020 winds down, it might be time to consider your New Year’s resolutions. Although this is a great time to reflect on your past year’s professional nursing accomplishments, it is the idyllic moment to plan for the coming year. As a nurse, your goals for 2021 might include professional development, further education or volunteer work. This time is also ideal for you to plan how you can improve the health care you deliver to patients.

Here are a few resolutions to help you get started on your list. 

Further Your Education 

Advancing your education next year may be the most important resolution you can make for 2021. With the rapid changes and developments in health care, the nursing profession will demand advanced knowledge and specialization. Maybe this coming year, you can work toward your BSN, MSN or specialty certification.  


As a nurse, you possess a set of skills that are incredibly beneficial to your community. Perhaps the coming year will be a good time for you to give back to your community through volunteering. Providing health screenings, doing wellness evaluations, or working with organizations that work to impact legislative issues are all great ways to work for your community.  

Stay Up-to-Date 

Nurses must stay current on the latest trends in the field. Technological advances are improving patient outcomes, and it is vital that you be adaptable to new systems and equipment. This coming year, stay up-to-date while promoting team collaboration.  

Be Active in Your Organization 

2021 might be the year to be more active in your facility. Communication with your co-workers is crucial to positive patient outcomes. Connect with your unit, attend additional meetings, set up new procedures, and be open to learning from your peers. Empowering others will make you more successful as a nurse.  

Keep an Eye on Nursing Legislation 

The regulations and practice laws for nursing vary from state to state and they change periodically. Make 2021 the year to stay on top of the latest news, legislation and advancements in the field. Take it a step beyond and sign up for industry publications.  

Opioid Education 

Nurses are on the front lines in evaluating, diagnosing, and managing patients with opioid addictions. With opioid addiction rising dramatically, it is a good time to help deal with this problem. Make next year a time to help educate patients about alternative pain treatment options so they can prevent an opioid dependency.  

Provide Quality Care 

As a health care provider, you perform a significant function in a patient’s treatment and outcomes. Make a resolution to provide the best care this coming year. Spend some extra time with patients to help involve them in their care or make their day a little better. You will instill trust in your patients by being knowledgeable and confident.  

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