As a medical assistant, you probably know that your skills are in great demand. However, now is not the moment to stop. Learning about ways to improve can help you earn more money, enjoy job stability, and feel good about your career.

Here is why you should never stop improving as a medical assistant and ways to go about improving.

A Pay Increase

When it comes to wages, medical assisting is no different from other careers in that the more advanced work you perform, the higher your pay. If you advance your medical assisting career through specialized experience, additional academic classes or specific training, you will be in a wonderful position to increase your salary.

Job Security

A major risk associated with staying in an entry-level job and not increasing your skills is that you are a target for downsizing and replacement. However, if you advance your career with greater knowledge and skills, you will be a valuable addition to your organization. Employers who see your value are much more inclined to keep you on their staff.

Larger Skill Set

When you learn new skills, the education goes beyond job security and a higher salary. Patient satisfaction increases, making employers and co-workers happy. This broader skill set can help you move into other health care careers. Want to be a nurse? There are medical assistant skills that translate to nursing so take the opportunity to learn them.

In Demand

The more specialized training you receive as a medical assistant, the better. It is this wide variety of training that makes you an in-demand employee. When you possess the skills to handle various patient populations, you move from entry-level medical assistant to a must-hire advanced job candidate.

Broader Career Options

Medical assistants are not restricted to working in physician’s offices and hospitals. If you have specialized training in a particular field, you can move into more challenging career options. Career choices may include office management or focusing your work on a specific illness or medical issue.

How to Advance Your Medical Assisting Career

It is possible to advance your medical assisting career. With additional education, more training and specialization, the possibilities are wide-open. Here are a few great ways to grow your medical assisting career.

  • Seek training opportunities. There is a strong likelihood that you have the chance to train in other areas outside of your practice. There might even be chances of it happening in your current organization.
  • Develop Professional Skills. If you get the chance to learn something new in your office, take it.
  • Teach. Consider teaching others what you know. A local vocational or community college might need your services.
  • Change things up, move around, and broaden your skillset through specializations. These specialties might include emergency medicine, cardiology, podiatry or pediatrics.
  • Get certified. Surprisingly, many medical assistants do not get certified because it is not a requirement. Get certified and enjoy better options for employment.

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