As a medical assistant, you are a critical part of the health care team in hospitals and health care facilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment for your profession will grow 29% through 2026. If you want to take your options a step further, there are many ways you can utilize your experience to advance your career to the next level. With experience, you can move into leadership roles, become a health care manager, health care administrator, nurse or many other opportunities.

Ways to Advance Your Medical Assistant Career

Seek Out Options for Additional Training

The chances are great that several opportunities to train in other areas exist for you. There might even be opportunities within the organization that currently employs you. Consider everything that might benefit, such as spotting drug abuse, taking a CPR class, or refresher classes in billing and coding.

Hone Your Professional Skills

If you get the chance to try something new, by all means, take the opportunity. It could be a new piece of office equipment you need to learn, or your company may have a new billing system you are not familiar with using. The point is that there are plenty of opportunities to develop your professional skills, which will help you grow in your career.

Consider Becoming a Teacher

Teaching others what you know is a fantastic way to develop your career. Contact local community colleges or vocational schools and offer your services as an adjunct faculty member. Position yourself as the go-to person for training new medical assistants in your organization.


If moving around every few years does not bother you, then consider broadening your skillset through specialization. Numerous clinical fields require specific knowledge and expertise, including emergency medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics or podiatry.


Certification is not a requirement to practice medical assisting. Because of this fact, many practitioners do not bother to obtain their certification. What this means is that there are better job opportunities available to those who do have a certificate.

Learn a Foreign Language

As a medical assistant, you are regularly the first person patients meet. What if this patient does not speak English? The capability to converse in a foreign dialect creates numerous additional career opportunities for you. It makes your patients feel comfortable and makes things easier for the physicians and medical staff at your facility.

Further Your Education

Now that you are trained and certified, it might be time to further your education. A move into another area of health care might not be as challenging as you think. You might have an associate degree. Going further and getting your bachelor’s degree can open opportunities such as becoming an administrator or a registered nurse.

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