There are a variety of approaches that nursing candidates use to find happiness in their careers. What are typical things that attract career-minded nursing candidates to particular organizations? Some prefer a diverse workplace that strengthens their team and provides opportunities for learning and growth. Career-minded nurses appreciate work-life balance, employee appreciation and flexible schedules. Growth opportunities are another essential consideration. Attracting career-minded nursing candidates is critical during the current nursing shortage, and here are a few ways you can attract these candidates.

Attract Career-Minded Nursing Candidates

Advertise in a Variety of Outlets

Engage in email marketing, sponsor continuing education programs, place website advertisements, and advertise in medical journals both print and online. All these techniques will help your organization recruit nursing talent.

Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

When you provide career advancement opportunities for your nursing staff, you demonstrate that you care and are making an investment in advancing their careers. New-graduate residency programs and transition-to-practice programs will help you attract and hire new graduates in various specialties.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Make their work more than just a job. Try to focus on what the candidate needs and not only on your organizational needs. Offer continuing education, counseling and promote self-care. Make all programs easily available.


There is a critical shortage of career-minded nurses out there, so be prepared to compensate them accordingly and offer a comprehensive compensation package. Tuition reimbursement and loan repayment programs are great places to start.

Flexible Scheduling

Nurse burnout due to long working hours is too common. Offer nursing candidates a flexible schedule that allows them to balance their time and their work time. If you have various locations, you can also offer more choices when your nurses chose shifts.

Use Social Media

Stay active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach passive and active nursing candidates. Place a career tab on your company page that links to your career site for easy access. Videos and testimonials help to highlight the work environment.

Nurse Ambassadors

Appoint your best nurses as nurse ambassadors. These nurses comprise the culture of your organization. They can voice their positive views to give a candidate a glimpse of a typical day. Use these testimonials in your writing and create videos in your marketing strategy to connect with prospective employees.

Let Them Be a Part of Something

Create a sense of community across all departments. Nurses are often attracted to working for leading institutions for recognition, support, and a sense of belonging where they have a voice. It is crucial that you allow nurses to be engaged in the decision-making processes and offer plenty of praise.

Create a Personable and Relatable Brand

Be personal in your communication and state why nurses will be a good fit and how their experience is specific to the job for which you are hiring. Get your executives involved in the branding strategy to help attract experienced nurses.

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