Are you noticing the signs of low employee morale? Do you see eye rolls, high turnover rates, few employee conversations, decreased collaboration and diluted job performance? It is time to improve morale within your organization. These suggestions will get things going in the right direction.

Keep It Fun

Want to keep up morale with your team? Keep things fun! Consider throwing summer parties complete with bonfires, face painting, dunk tanks and snow cones. Or perhaps host a winter-themed event that includes paintball, snowmobiling and delicious food. Family events are excellent for everyone with bounce houses, live bands, face painting, magicians, jugglers, hot dogs and ice cream. Of course, the holidays are a great time to celebrate, so host a fancy dinner or a movie night for workers and their significant other. The universal theme among all of these examples is caring, recognition, rewards and appreciation.

Give your team a place to blow off steam and take a break. Consider setting up a games area at the office. A games area encourages employees to take breaks away from their desks. A bean bag toss or a pool table is great for clearing the mind. A games area will boost morale and increase productivity.

Show That You Care

Employee appreciation is crucial for productivity as it reinforces workplace behaviors and practices and provides positive business results. It also boosts employee confidence and morale. You can start by making your employees feel important. Please get to know them and their family. Consider a flower bouquet for anniversaries and customized birthday presents. Do not forget new babies and weddings either. Employees are the lifeblood of your facility, so make taking care of them a top priority.

Employee recognition is also crucial as it will help boost productivity, increase employee morale, and help you retain top talent. Here are three types of recognition:

  • Microrecognition. This type of recognition is day-to-day recognition. It is frequent and ongoing and includes sending notes, giving cards, and posting on bulletin boards. Microrecognition is an excellent way to recognize employees regularly without requiring much time and resources.
  • Informal recognition. This type of recognition is for individuals or teams progressing toward goals or upon completion of a project. It might be a pizza party, potluck, or a trip to a restaurant. Informal recognition is not frequent, but it is not as structured as formal recognition programs.
  • Formal recognition. This recognition is structured. It involves a nomination and selection process with a ceremony or special event.

Your staff will appreciate all types of recognition. It will show them that you care and boost their morale. Do not be surprised if productivity increases either.

Promote From Within

When employees see there is room to advance their career within your organization, it will improve their morale. Find out what skills and talents employees have and develop those skills for future opportunities within your company. When you have outstanding employees, invest in the training they need to advance as your company grows.

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