Safety rules are essential for the avoidance of disasters in medical laboratories. Safety rules are only effective when employees follow them. Multiple practices and regulations govern safety in medical laboratories. They are numerous, and most laboratories each have restrictions that accompany the state and federal regulations. However, everyone must follow a few medical lab safety rules.

Always Wear Proper Lab Clothing

When working in a medical lab, it is crucial that you wear the proper attire to keep you safe. Appropriate clothing generally includes closed-toe shoes, safety goggles and lab coats. These items should become your daily uniform when working with toxic chemicals and tissue samples from clients. Do not forget to tie your hair away from your face to avoid the contamination of testing materials. Tying your hair back will also keep you safe when you are working with any flammable materials.

Take Care of Laboratory Equipment

Medical labs often house multiple pieces of heavy-duty equipment. This equipment is necessary for testing samples. Always handle this equipment with extra care and caution. Take the time to understand how to use lab equipment properly, and always ask questions anytime you are confused about the purpose of the equipment. When handling hot glassware, use tongs, and always use both hands when carrying any testing samples.

Know the Location of Emergency Equipment

All medical labs have supplies to counteract exposure to toxic chemicals or flames. The stores will typically include an eye rinse, shower, fire extinguisher and overhead sprinklers. Make familiarizing yourself with the location of emergency equipment a priority. When an emergency arises, you will know the location of emergency equipment.

Safely Handle Chemicals

Lab safety is paramount when working with medical supplies, hazardous chemicals and heavy-duty equipment. Accidents can quickly occur when working in a lab, and it is crucial that you pay attention to the proper care and usage of the supplies you are using in the lab. Medical labs are high-risk environments.

When you are handling chemicals in the lab, you want to read the instructions for safe handling. Wear appropriate gloves anytime you are handling chemicals to protect yourself from spills and exposure. Never put chemicals back into the container from which you found them, as it will contaminate the chemicals lacking exposure to the air.

No Food or Drink in the Laboratory

Never, ever store your lunch in a refrigerator containing lab specimens. It is essential that you keep all food and drinks out of the lab. These items can contaminate or pollute testing samples which in turn will produce inaccurate test results requiring retesting. Drinks spill and create messes or become tripping hazards in the lab.

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