Finding and hiring the right employee for your organization is crucial. If you get it wrong, the consequences to your company are many, including wasted time, money and resources. So why is hiring a good employee so challenging? Here are significant reasons why you might be struggling to find the right employee.

Candidates Have the Advantage

During the recession, you probably sifted through hundreds of applications for each job opening. Times are changing. Jobs are plentiful right now, so candidates feel like they can hold out for the best job offers and the most appealing jobs. The challenge for you is winning them over to your company despite their stack of other job offers. Candidates have the upper hand here and they know it.

Applicants Lack the Skills

Many job applicants lack basic skills. Essential skills such as writing in English, basic computer knowledge, reading comprehension, and basic math skills are lacking in many candidates. Unfortunately, it does not stop with the basics. Applied skills like critical thinking and problem-solving are scarce these days too. Finding the right candidate is difficult because so many lack the fundamental skills necessary to be professionally valuable to an organization.

Candidates Might Not Be Truthful

When searching for the right candidate, it is typical to put stock into the candidate’s information. Job candidates have multiple opportunities to present themselves in the best light possible. Job applications, cover letters, resumes and interviews all provide applicants a chance to shine. Unfortunately, much of this material might be fiction. One survey administered by CareerBuilder suggests that 56% of hiring managers have caught a candidate lying on their resumes. Applicants lie about knowledge, skills, education, and experience.

No Way to Measure Intangible Traits

On your wish list for candidates, none matter more than intangibles like personality, self-awareness and work ethic. Regrettably, you cannot measure these traits from a resume. Better interview questions and a less predictable process might help, but these essential traits are difficult to spot in multiple interviews.

What You Can Do

Finding the appropriate person for the job requires you to pair the hiring process with data such as personality tests and skills-based questionnaires. Try these tips as you seek your next employee:

  • Skills and personality tests. No matter what a candidate puts on their resume, testing will indicate how they perform.
  • Attract the best people. Avoid relying on resume gathering sites and opt for advertising on specialty sites.
  • Do not forget the reference check. Getting honest answers from a reference check provides insights you cannot get from an interview.
  • Make your job interviews unpredictable. Try to move beyond the standard questions that all candidates expect.

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