Health care organizations depend upon a happy and engaged staff. Because of this fact, it is vital that you make medical staffing, employee engagement, and retention the top priorities of your HR staff. You must have a plan. Unfortunately, many health care organizations lack plans and programs for managing health care talent. Those organizations that do have a plan are often using one that is antiquated.

Here are ideas for improving your medical staffing by engaging and retaining talented employees.

Revamp the Process

Organizational hiring and screening processes must make it simple for candidates to apply for jobs at your company. Search out ways to shorten your application process and ensure that online applications are functional from any device. Behavioral assessments and personality tests predict future performance so consider using these tools to help retain employees who are a culture fit.

Niche Job Boards

A job board is an effective tool for reaching qualified job candidates. Take it one step further and use a healthcare-specific job board. This niche board will help your organization get noticed by candidates who want to work at organizations like the one you operate.

Outstanding Culture and Mission

It is common for candidates to research potential employers before applying for a vacant position. Most health care organizations have clear missions around the care they provide. However, few showcase their culture and values on social media or in a job description.

Conduct an honest appraisal of your health care organization’s online reputation and, if necessary, take the appropriate steps to fix the problems. To shape a candidate’s first impression of your organization, ensure that your website is engaging, maintain a blog, and a presence on social media.

Wellness Program

You can attract candidates who understand the pressures of working in health care by offering programs that help with stress management. The interventions that are part of a wellness program can be quick but effective. Offer relief without time-consuming trips away from work, such as in-chair massages for tension and stress relief.

Develop an Official Retention Plan

Finding great employees is fantastic, but you must keep them by having a plan in place. Consider ongoing development opportunities, regular feedback, clear policies and procedures and a sound onboarding process. Be sure to document your approach, review it annually, and make sure your leadership team understands the guidelines.


A fantastic way to attract and keep employees is a mentorship program. Mentorship allows employees to learn from experienced staff members and advance their careers. Encourage pairs to meet regularly and reassign the employee to a new guide if the relationship does not work.


Salary and benefits may encourage a candidate to apply for your vacancy, but the workplace experience determines whether they choose to stay. You can help retain employees with awards, official recognition programs and bonuses. Take care of your staff; high turnover does not have to be inevitable.


Employees who feel underappreciated and frustrated will leave your organization. If you cannot convince them to stay, give them the chance to express their opinions with anonymous surveys.

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