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Safety Tips All Health Care Workers Should Know


CnStaffing is Still Hiring

Health care workers face exposure to hazards and dangers to their health and well-being frequently. So all health care workers must take steps to protect themselves, their colleagues and patients from harm. June is safety month and an excellent time to review some safety tips that all healthcare workers should know. Use Caution When Lifting… Read more »

A Guide to Safety Training for Health Care Employers in 2021


Safety training for 2021 is unique for different industries depending upon their particular needs. The way various healthcare organizations approach their safety training will vary as well. Of course, all training will include COVID-19 specific measures. There are safety training topics to have in all safety training programs regardless of industry. Here are fundamental safety… Read more »

What Experience Should I Have to Be a Medical Assistant?


A job as a medical assistant can be an entry-level position. However, many employers prefer that candidates have one to two years of experience working in a medical or health care setting. Although licensure is not a requirement, employers often look for professional certifications and credentials from accredited training programs. As far as experience, medical… Read more »

Fill Your RN Positions Fast & Efficiently With CnStaffing


If your health care organization needs to fill RN positions quickly, check out CnStaffing. The health care recruiters at CnStaffing work to find nursing candidates who are eager to fill your open positions. From screening to credentialing, this health care staffing firm does it all. Here are great reasons to contact CnStaffing to fill your… Read more »

Look for These Personality Traits in Your Next Nursing Candidate


If you are hiring nursing staff, pay particular attention to the following qualities. Seek out candidates who possess these characteristics to help your institution become better while delivering exceptional patient care. Your Next Nursing Candidate Should Have These Traits: Compassion Caring for others is the primary task of a nurse. When hiring a nurse, put… Read more »

5 Qualities to Look for in a Medical Lab Assistant


If you seek a medical lab assistant, there are certain qualities to look for when assessing candidates. Here are five attributes to seek when interviewing your next medical lab assistant job candidate. 5 Qualities to Look for in While Interviewing Compassion Although a medical lab assistant career does not offer much direct patient care, there… Read more »