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Lessons From 2020 and How to Learn From Them in 2021


When you think about 2020, unprecedented challenges certainly come to mind. All industries received hard lessons, forcing business leaders to reexamine how to run a business successfully. For you as a leader, 2020 may have provided growth. However, you might have reinvented the way you think about your organization. Perhaps there will be changes that… Read more »

Is Phlebotomy a Good Career Choice for Me?


Phlebotomy is collecting blood for donation or analysis at a clinical laboratory. A blood test can diagnose illness, evaluate the effectiveness of medications or determine whether a patient receives proper nutrition. Before collecting blood from a patient, as a phlebotomist, you will first introduce yourself, properly identify the patient, wash your hands, put on gloves,… Read more »

4 Ways to Eliminate Bias in the Hiring Process


In the hiring process, bias occurs when you form an opinion about a candidate based only on a first impression or prefer one candidate over another because one seems like someone you could hang out with outside of work. A candidate’s name, picture, or even hometown can influence your decision unconsciously. Bias can affect your… Read more »

Predictions in Health Care for 2021


Expect multiple changes as we enter 2021. Due to the presence of COVID-19, digital and virtual technologies will expand and treat more patients virtually. Containing rising health care costs will remain a priority. There will continue to be a huge demand for nursing staff, telehealth will expand, and many health care facilities will go green. Let us take a… Read more »

Where Will Your Nursing Career Path Take You?


You are probably aware that the field of nursing offers many options for specialization. If you like variety and flexibility, this is a fantastic career choice. However, many decisions can be overwhelming when you try to focus on your nursing career path. What education will I need? Will I need experience? How do I get… Read more »

Online Hiring Fair with CnStaffing


Online Hiring Event with CnStaffing

Has your job been affected this year? Are you currently employed and looking for the next step in your career? We are here for you with online job fairs. Every Monday and Wednesday this July we will be hosting online job fairs to interview interested candidates. Our openings include: healthcare jobs (RN, LPN, CNA, MA),… Read more »

Still Hiring – CnStaffing’s COVID-19 Response


CnStaffing is Still Hiring

At CnStaffing, we know many people have been economically impacted as jobs in your local clinics and offices have been furloughed or eliminiated. We want you to know we welcome you on our team until things return to normal and your past employer is able to bring you back. We are currently hiring MAs, CMAs, and… Read more »

Hit Your Healthcare Staffing Goals


Healthcare hiring needs are on the rise nationwide. CnStaffing can help you reach your staffing goals: Resolve staffing shortages. Our commitment to bringing healthcare professionals to facilities all over DFW is unparalleled. As a top medical recruiting firm in Dallas & Fort Worth, CnStaffing is determined to overcome the shortage of healthcare staff by supplying… Read more »