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Create New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help Your Nursing Career


As 2020 winds down, it might be time to consider your New Year’s resolutions. Although this is a great time to reflect on your past year’s professional nursing accomplishments, it is the idyllic moment to plan for the coming year. As a nurse, your goals for 2021 might include professional development, further education or volunteer work. This… Read more »

How to Help Medical Assistants Grow Their Career


As your team of medical assistants gain experience and develop their proficiency in skills, consider helping them advance their careers. Your medical assistants may desire to seek a management position, practice in another specialty or perhaps even teach. No matter their specific goals, take it upon yourself to help your medical assistants maximize their career opportunities. … Read more »

3 of the Top Ways to Earn Your Medical Assistant’s Certification


Being certified is a way for you, a medical assistant, to demonstrate your mastery of clinical and administrative job duties. You can pursue your certification through organizations that regulate the medical assistant industry. Although certification is optional, employers are increasingly seeking medical assistants who possess certification credentials. Certification is typically the next step you will… Read more »