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Certifications That Will Set You Apart As a Medical Assistant


As a medical assistant, you can set yourself apart within your specialty with voluntary national certification. Certification demonstrates that you have a certain degree of knowledge and expertise in the profession. In addition to professional recognition, many employers prefer to hire only medical assistants with certification. So it helps your job prospects as well. Here… Read more »

What is the Job Outlook for Medical Assistants Over the Next 10 Years?


Medical assistants are crucial to the success of any medical facility. These professionals who work with nurses and other medical practitioners help with patient care, cleanup, preparation, and other tasks around the hospital, medical clinic, or skilled nursing facility. Due to the vital role that medical assistants fulfill, their services are in great demand. The employment growth… Read more »

Still Hiring – CnStaffing’s COVID-19 Response


CnStaffing is Still Hiring

At CnStaffing, we know many people have been economically impacted as jobs in your local clinics and offices have been furloughed or eliminiated. We want you to know we welcome you on our team until things return to normal and your past employer is able to bring you back. We are currently hiring MAs, CMAs, and… Read more »

The Benefits of Being Bilingual in the Healthcare Industry


As a healthcare professional, you no doubt care for patients whose native languages are different from English. Language barriers often pose a tremendous challenge for healthcare employees trying to provide care to patients who do not speak English. With the U.S. continually becoming more diverse, the ability of healthcare workers to speak multiple languages has… Read more »

3 of the Top Ways to Earn Your Medical Assistant’s Certification


Being certified is a way for you, a medical assistant, to demonstrate your mastery of clinical and administrative job duties. You can pursue your certification through organizations that regulate the medical assistant industry. Although certification is optional, employers are increasingly seeking medical assistants who possess certification credentials. Certification is typically the next step you will… Read more »