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Why You Should Not Stop Working to Improve Your Career as a Medical Assistant


As a medical assistant, you probably know that your skills are in great demand. However, now is not the moment to stop. Learning about ways to improve can help you earn more money, enjoy job stability, and feel good about your career. Here is why you should never stop improving as a medical assistant and… Read more »

Advice for a New Medical Assistant


If you are a brand-new medical assistant, you are probably excited and nervous about your first job. It might be in a medical center, a pediatrician’s office, or an outpatient clinic. Regardless of where you begin your career, it is imperative that you start right with your new employer. The following guidance might help you… Read more »

How to Improve the Physician and Medical Assistant Relationship


Physicians cannot do it all. They need medical assistants to assist them in day-to-day activities to ensure that physician offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities provide patients with the best care possible. A medical assistant can make or break a practice. Taking vital signs, prepping rooms, assisting during exams, documenting medical information, and providing patient support and… Read more »