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Is Phlebotomy a Good Career Choice for Me?


Phlebotomy is collecting blood for donation or analysis at a clinical laboratory. A blood test can diagnose illness, evaluate the effectiveness of medications or determine whether a patient receives proper nutrition. Before collecting blood from a patient, as a phlebotomist, you will first introduce yourself, properly identify the patient, wash your hands, put on gloves,… Read more »

Still Hiring – CnStaffing’s COVID-19 Response


CnStaffing is Still Hiring

At CnStaffing, we know many people have been economically impacted as jobs in your local clinics and offices have been furloughed or eliminiated. We want you to know we welcome you on our team until things return to normal and your past employer is able to bring you back. We are currently hiring MAs, CMAs, and… Read more »

Position Spotlight: Phlebotomist


Phlebotomy is the practice of puncturing a vein and obtaining a blood sample for a medical test. The professionals who carry out this vital role are called phlebotomists. These medical professionals work in a variety of settings including medical facilities, hospitals, and private laboratories. The career outlook for phlebotomists is exceptional, with a 23% growth in jobs expected through… Read more »